Fisheries Research & Development Corporation: Independent Performance Review

Welcome to the web page of the FRDC Performance Review.

FRDC is a statutory corporation within the Australian Government’s Agriculture and Water Resources portfolio and is accountable to the Parliament of Australia through the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources.

Under its Statutory Funding Agreement with the Commonwealth Government, FRDC is required to engage an independent organisation to undertake a comprehensive review of its performance six months prior to the end of the agreement, namely by 02 December 2018. The review being undertaken by a team including Forest Hill Consulting (Scott Williams), Miracle Dog (Russell Pattinson), Poimena Analysis (Chris Wilcox) and Su McCluskey.

The Review's Terms of Reference are to:

1. Assess the performance of FRDC in meeting its obligations under the PIRD Act and the Funding Agreement with the Commonwealth.

2. Assess FRDC’s development and implementation of its R&D Plan, Annual Operational Plan, Risk Management Plan, Fraud Control Plan and Intellectual Property Management Plan, and its effectiveness in meeting the priorities, targets and budgets set out in those plans.

3. Assess the efficiency and effectiveness with which the entity has carried out these plans including:

  • Liaison with stakeholders
  • Cross-RDC collaboration
  • Corporate governance
  • Industry strategy and delivery, including the opportunity for stakeholders to influence the investment of funds and the Return on Investment achieved
  • Corporate operations.

4. Assess the delivery of benefits to FRDC's fishing and aquaculture stakeholders and the community in general, foreshadowed by those plans, including an assessment of the degree to which FRDC's investments have met the needs of FRDC’s fishing and aquaculture stakeholders.

5. Assess the efficiency and effectiveness of FRDC’s investments.

The Performance Review will focus on the timeframe of 02 June 2015 to 30 June 2019.

The consultants welcome any submissions from interested parties that relate to any of the review’s Terms of Reference. If you would like to make a submission to the review, or if you have any questions about it, please send an email to